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A Whole New Level
Of Social

Welcome to Freeport – our first ‘Careers & Community’ SaaS platform powered by KLIK.  Freeport was created to provide a one-stop, wholly immersive and engaging community – to promote all business, career and development opportunities in and around each freeport in the UK.  

Far More Than Just Recruitment

Relax. Freeport Is Not An Agency.

According to our Founder, Kelly A-W “The traditional recruitment agency model is done. It is dishonest and has been for years. I know because I have seen it. I’ve worked for some of the biggest and so-called best. I know all their tricks, their cat-strings and their scams and how ultimately, it all comes down to two things – KPI’s and fees. Even where there is a guarantee period, it’s flawed. 

Every business I have ever created has stood in firm opposition to this model”

Trusted By

Connect and Collaborate.

Members of our freeport platform are encouraged to engage and interact with other members – be that Business or Personal.

Discover and Develop.

Members can access a wide range of relevant training, designed to develop your skills and those of your colleagues and employees.

Empower and Exceed.

Members can access a wealth of content, stored within our easy to use interface and created with just one thing in mind, empowering you to exceed your own expectations.

What is a Freeport?

In simple terms, a freeport is an area designated by the government and in which different customs rules apply.

Areas awarded Freeport status will receive a wide range of benefits, including tax relief, streamlined planning and government support, aimed to encourage regeneration, job creation and investment.

"Freeport Group are very different to any recruitment agency we've used before. They connect companies and individuals with one another directly, meaning no hassle emails or calls"
Simon Stocking
On Key


The Future of Recruitment

Consultants are too busy managing traffic, ringing bells and spinning plates to recruit with a high degree of success and in such a difficult market. 

The Great Resignation

Some say there is a revolution occurring and an increasing number of employers are feeling it, right where it hurts.  According to a survey of

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