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Welcome to the future.

We can all agree, our world has changed. The global pandemic has disrupted our behaviour, our thinking and our way of life.

How we use data and technology to work, learn, recruit and do business has transformed. It can be difficult to get to the heart of where you need to be.

Freeport Community Group was established to overcome this by creating a community-based platform and digital gateway to all freeport opportunities in the UK.

Our Story​

Our Deliberately Different approach to attracting, engaging and retaining talent began way back in 2006.

That 360-degree, almost anti-agency approach to the Employee Life Cycle has improved continuously and throughout the years.

Now our game changing framework, it has solved complex problems for like-minded businesses, earning us a fierce reputation and the right to work in true partnership with the very best.

As we have now entered a new phase of post-pandemic talent acquisition, we must continue to inspire, innovate and evolve.

The world has changed. We must adapt to create a better connected alternative for employers, employees, educators and enablers. 

We created our own tech company so we may lead this 3rd era transformation of recruitment methods and technologies. We then spent four years investing and developing our unique KLIK UK (SaaS) technology 

Freeport is the first of our fully branded, industry specific – Careers and Community platforms – powered by KLIK UK. 

Fall In Love With Our Features:


An excellent way to cultivate interest, create social connections and a sense of community. Members are free to join an existing forum or create their own and on any relevant subject.

Develop Your Career

Freeport has a powerful recruitment tool, enabling you to search and apply for opportunities and without third parties to complicate and delay matters.


Members are able to create groups that are ‘open to all’ or limited to just a small number of members within your network. Groups can be by interest or within each freeport region.

Freeport Toolkit

Our innovative, easy to use interface has everything you need to make full use of your membership with us, personally and professionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
Freeports are areas designated by the government. Different customs rules apply in these areas to enhance global trade and encourage economic activity in the UK.

Areas given Freeport status will receive a wide range of benefits, including tax relief, streamlined planning and government support. This will encourage regeneration, in and around the port regions, by creating a hub for new technologies and innovation. Productivity will increase by attracting new businesses, creating thousands of skilled and well-paid jobs.

FRG is a privately owned careers and community platform, created exclusively for you. It was designed to provide a simple, one-stop digital gateway to all personal and commercial opportunities in and around each freeport.

Absolutely not. There are no middle men here. So long as your membership is valid, you are free to engage with our freeport community. That could mean advertising jobs, learning new skills, showcasing your business, creating a forum or developing your career. The list is endless and controlled by you.

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