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Controlled access is available on a simple Pay As You Go or rolling basis. Our most popular plan is a hugely discounted, up front payment for unlimited access for 12 months and all for a fraction of one agency placement fee. Please see below for details.


FREE for 7 days
£ FREE 7 days

Band 1

TURNOVER - £1m or less
£ 599 +VAT

Band 2

TURNOVER - £1m to £5m
£ 1,198 +VAT

Band 3

TURNOVER - £5m or more
£ 1,797 + VAT

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Our Promise

This platform was developed to provide a wholly immersive, digital gateway to our freeport community.  We believe, so long as you engage with our platform and utilise its features for your own benefit, there is no better investment you can make in your business. 

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