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How Wonderful,
You Found Us.

We cannot wait to welcome you into our Freeport Community – our digital gateway to opportunities, people and skills in the freeport sector.

The good news is you are just a few clicks away from creating your very own Company Profile which you can then use to achieve your corporate goals and objectives.

Promote Your Business,
Develop Your Brand.

Using a blend of traditional methods alongside innovations in data science, social media and technology, we can support and enable your business to shine, develop and grow.

Advertise Vacancies,
Be An Employer Of Choice.

Our bespoke technology can improve how you source, recruit, train and retain key skills, whilst providing a much more affordable, PAYG alternative to agencies and job boards.

Build Strong Networks,
Create And Access Opportunities.

Leveraged properly, our freeport toolkit can enhance business development by connecting multiple agencies and highlighting commercial opportunities, in and around each freeport location in the UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
Where to begin… We offer excellent value for money in comparison to recruitment agencies and job boards. If you are looking to recruit, develop and engage a skilled workforce, our platform is packed with features and benefits and all for a one-off fee.
You! We are free of Consultants and middle men – so that you can control who views your profile, vacancies and contracts. We can help you but unlike traditional agencies, we do not save the best CVs for our highest fee paying client. So long as your membership is valid, it’s all yours and in real-time too.
Not at all. Membership is wholly transparent, upfront or Pay-As-You-Go and with no hidden costs.
No and why would you? We strongly encourage all employers to complete their Company Profile with as much information as possible. Members can then evaluate your company and as a potential employer. Remember, the fight for talent can be tough – so we want you to be fit to compete!
Absolutely not! We do not require you to pay agency fees per hire or buy job credits that expire. So long as your membership is valid you are good to go.
"It's a breeze using Freeport and the ability to communicate with others. The toolkit is super useful too"
JANE Wheater

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