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How Wonderful,
You Found Us.

We cannot wait to welcome you into our Freeport Community – our digital gateway to skills, training and careers in the freeport sector.

The good news is you are just a few clicks away from creating your very own Personal Profile which you can then use to achieve your goals.

Promote Your Profile,
Develop Your Skills.

Freeport was created to provide a one-stop central hub for people like you. A safe place to create your Personal Profile and use it to engage with other members who have a keen and vested interest in Freeport. 

Build Strong Networks,
Create And Access Opportunities.

No matter what your situation is or what you hope to achieve from your membership, our platform has everything you need to develop your business, personal brand, skills or career prospects in freeports.

Enhance Your CV,
Advance Your Career.

Used correctly, our freeport toolkit can improve the way in which you present yourself, personally and professionally and with so much help and support available, from our CV writing technology to funded training and qualifications, you are in a good place to start.

Fall In Love With Our Features:


An excellent way to create social connections, cultivate interest and a sense of community. Members are free to join an existing forum or create their own and on any relevant subject.

Develop Your Career

Freeport has a powerful recruitment tool, enabling you to search and apply for vacancies, advertised under our Business Member Profiles. Nothing is hidden and there are no third parties to complicate or delay matters.


Members are able to create groups that are ‘open to all’ or closed to just a small number of members within your network. Groups can be by interest or within each freeport region.

Freeport Toolkit

Our innovative, easy to use interface has everything you need to be able to develop, personally and professionally and make full use of your membership with us.

Feature Packed

Find Podcasts, How-to’s, Blogs, Training and so much more in our feature packed platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
Do you want to study or learn new skills? Improve your career, CV or job? Seek expert help and advice? Or just connect and chat with our like-minded freeport community? Either way, you are in the right place.
This one is easy, because FRG is not an agency! We offer so much more and all from the price of a coffee. Plus, we only want members who are serious about their personal development, career and our community.
Not at all. Ours is a wholly transparent, Pay-As-You-Go platform with no hidden costs.
You! Remember, we are free from consultants and middle men. You create your profile, who sees it and why. Any contact you have with our community is controlled, instant and direct.
Phase One of our platform is to encourage personal development and growth. As some freeports are still being established, we like to think of it as you getting “Fit to Compete” for the opportunities when they come. Phase Two of our platform is already in development, aimed at bridging the divide between clients, companies and candidates to enable all to thrive and win.
"We've loved partnering with Freeport Community Group, it's taken a lot of the hassle out of recruiting."
AV Dawson
Shipping company

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