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Business Profile

If you are a business owner, manager or employee and are keen to interact with our Freeport community, content and features, this is the place for you.

A Business Profile provides a great number of features and benefits, including our Job Board, CV Management Tool, Training and Resources and the ability to search and connect with members across all groups, forums and events.

Personal Profile

No matter where you are in your career, if you are an individual and wish to join and interact with our Freeport community, content and features, this is the place for you.

A Personal Profile provides a great number of benefits, including access to training and resources, vacancies and contracts, member profiles and the ability to participate in groups, events, forums and discussions.

"Freeport Community Group has been instrumental to helping me find my amazing new role at the Freeport"
Sarah Crossley
Office Administrator

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
Membership provides unlimited access to all content, features and benefits contained within our freeport platform – including our business and personal toolkits.
The only time something is truly free is when it has no value. Our platform offers a wealth of features to those who are serious about their businesses, careers and our community.
Absolutely not. Our platform is great value for money as an Up-Front or Pay-As-You-Go option and all with NO hidden costs.

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