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The Future of Recruitment

I remember the days, those good old days, way back to when I was employed and the market was driven by Employers. We didn’t have a care in the world.

Recruiting back then was akin to going fishing. We turned up, baited our hook, sat back and waited for a bite. It was that simple. 

We could have a dozen rods in the water at any one time and still do a bit of retained work and BD on the side and if our catch was decent, we chucked it in a keep net and repeated the process until there was sufficient to submit to our client. 

We were paid very well but to me, it all felt just so unbelievably … wrong.

What if our client’s business could benefit from us using a different bait or location or even better, attracting a totally different fish that could change everything

My employers did not like that approach. 

That depth of consultation would cost us in time, KPIs and money. Not to mention the ten cold calls we had to make by 10am and the bell we had to ring when it was done.  

There was no need for us to ‘go beyond the call of duty’ back then because our pipeline was quite literally swimming in fees and CVs. 

But it is not like that today. 

Ours is what we call a Candidate Driven Market. Today, the fight for talent is fierce and Candidates are calling the shots because frankly, there isn’t enough of them around.

A pattern is emerging and it is something I have rarely seen in over 20 years. That is the failure to recruit. 

Consultants are too busy managing traffic, ringing bells and spinning plates to recruit with a high degree of success and in such a difficult market. 

Automation and key-word search methods are letting them down. It is time for change. 

According to Glassdoor, 86% of HR professionals are implementing marketing strategies to showcase their culture, brand and values to a captive market to attract more candidates – something our platforms enable you to do. 

The same study revealed 71% of would-be employees are looking for company reviews on-line prior to applying for a job and a further 1-in-4 are expecting to see a company video. 

Maybe the lack of applications and failure to recruit is unsurprising when recruiters are advertising vacancies anonymously to protect their catch from being identified and stolen by other recruiters.

Our Careers & Community platform enables you to profile your company and alongside a great number of features and benefits, attach your corporate video to the unlimited number of vacancies you can advertise throughout your membership.  

It is indeed time for change.

Kelly M. Whitfield

Founder & CEO

KLIK UK (SaaS) Ltd

A FUKC I.T Ltd – Careers & Community Platform

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